Private Investigators
Dirección General de Seguridad L.O. 829
Col·legi Oficial de Detectius Privats de Catalunya Núm. 141



OPI private investigators scope of direct action extends all around Spain and internationally, throughout a complete network of well-known professionals.

OPI private investigators offers a wide variety of services. The following are the main action areas:


  • Individuals and Family

      · Investigations regarding behaviors: unfaithful nesses, drug addictions, sects.
      · Paternity investigations.
      · Location of family members.
      · Family tree research.
      · Self-files.
      · Investigations on maids and home employees.

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  • Enterprise and business defense

      · Employment information: pre-hire screenings, background checks, information regarding suspect unjustified work absences, accidents, disability claims, unauthorized side jobs, lack of dedication, etc.
      · Business partner faithfulness, parallel (clone) companies, relationships with competitors. In-depth financial reports to provide necessary data to make informed decisions.

      · Information to locate persons, properties, companies, for use during trial.

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  • Rental property law

      · Evidence of vacated homes.
      · Location of missed renters or landlords.
      · Identification of tenants or home occupants
      · Business property title changes, sub rentals, ets.
      · Localition of other properties owned by a tenant or a landlord.
      · Evidence to confirm or refute pretended substitutions, etc.

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  • Casualty investigations

      · Intentional fires.
      · Casualty simulation, preexistance of pretended prejudices.

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  • Accident investigations

      · Investigation of circumstances.
      · Personal, professional, job related, and traffic accidents.
      · Accident and post effects simulation.

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  • Technical assistance

      · Photographic evidence: pictures, video,audio, etc.
      · Countermeasures against industrial spies : camera detection, transmitters, microphones, etc.
      · Fake investigations of products or trademarks, blackmails, anonymous letters, etc.
      · And all services that require a professional, technical and effective research work.

  • Obtain solid information to back your decisions.

    OPI PRIVATE INVESTIGATORS will look after your well being with strict confidentiality.